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New Addition to the Herd

I was very excited this week to add a new goat to our herd. Currently all my goats are white, and the new one named Wilber is a beautiful grey color. He came from the same farm as my white ones but is not related.

He is so sweet, but very shy so it will take some extra love to get him acclimated. Unfortunately, he was rejected by the others in the herd for the first few days. I was worried, but then yesterday he decided to show he'd had enough of getting pushed and hit and put up the best head knocking fight. He even pushed one of the other wethers out of their run-in. This morning they were all standing together as a happy family and he ate his breakfast without getting run off. I think he got his point across. I’m looking forward to shearing him this autumn and seeing how his wool turns out!

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