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These packages have thousands of recognized users, whose data are now kept and updated daily by the LIMDEP team. LIMDEP is one of the first software packages developed for the French financial services industry which has now become a global standard in financial analytics. The LIMDEP program has been used by the Parisian, London and Asian financial markets for many years and a full list of its users can be found on the LIMDEP website. The LIMDEP Program is available to businesses around the world. We provide and maintain software for daily statistical reporting and consultancy. The LIMDEP software supports daily monitoring of your business based on powerful tools.EP 1 123 541 A2 discloses a process for the epoxidation of olefins by molecular oxygen with catalysts of the MOX catalyst type, where the catalyst components are supported on a substrate. In this known process, the substrate is the support, and, as a result of the use of the substrate, the catalyst is obtained in the form of a coating on the support. The substrates which are employed are generally carbon substrates, for example glass fibres, carbon fibres, carbon/graphite fibres and carbon/graphite foams. The catalysts in question are used in the liquid phase. The reaction is carried out at elevated temperature, for example in the range from 160 to 300° C. Ozone is additionally used as the oxidant in the process. Furthermore, the epoxidation of olefins by molecular oxygen with catalysts of the MOX catalyst type is known, and has been used for a long time in industry. The catalysts for this are generally of the MOX catalyst type, where M is a metal from group IVb, Vb or VIb of the periodic table, preferably from group IVb, Vb, VIIb or VIII of the periodic table and X is a halogen from the group consisting of fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. However, it is known that the catalysts described above undergo a slow deactivation, for example during the epoxidation of propene. EP 1 123 541 A2 has disclosed that the deactivation of catalysts of the MOX catalyst type is reduced by means of hydrogen-releasing cocatalysts. However, the known cocatalysts are toxic and pose problems during application. EP 1 587 771 A1 describes the reaction of ethylene with oxygen in the presence of a catalyst of the




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Limdepsoftwarefreedownload wakacere
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