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Mohair's many faces

Since I see the goats everyday in the field I have a slightly narrow view of the mohair as it's in its natural form, and is normally rather dirty. So I love to see end products made from the fiber, everything from hats and scarfs to incredible sweaters. Although, clothing is certainly not the only use of the fiber. Cindy Williams, owner of Dolly-one, creates beautiful, fun, handmade dolls, and has used several different colors of the mohair for the dolls' hair.

In the picture, meet Trixie who's so darling and sweet! Her face is primitively hand stitched with lovely detail. She has a sweet sparkly red dress with coordinating pantaloons, hand crocheted shoes and wonderful red curly mohair fiber, from our goats here at AB Farm, accented with is black tulle.

Check out some of Cindy's other hand created dolls on her ebay site

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